How It Works

The Wellness Clinic is available to all Fayetteville Public School students and staff/faculty, insured or uninsured. We welcome new patients and bring quality care to where the kids need it -- their school.

Physical Health Concerns

  • If your child falls ill at school, he or she will see the school nurse, who will assess if there is a need for a higher level of care. If needed, the nurse will call to inform you.

  • You may decide at that point whether your child will be seen at the Clinic or if you would like to take him or her to your regular provider.

  • If you have already filled out the consent forms, you will not need to be present for the visit (although we prefer you are at the fist visit). If we do not have the consent or patient information on file, we can obtain verbal phone consent to treat, however you will need to come in and fill the patient information out at your earliest convenience.

  • After the visit, if it is decided that your child needs to go home, we will call you to pick him or her up.

  • If your child wakes up ill, or you feel that he or she needs to be seen by the Clinic for another reason (school or sports physical, immunizations), please contact us at (479) 718-0285 to schedule an appointment.

Mental/Behavioral Health Concerns

  • If you feel your child is in need of school-based behavioral services with a licensed therapist, you may either:

  • Contact the school counselors for referral and information about the intake process

  • Call Ozark Guidance Center for referral (479) 750-2020 (ask for entry and school-based services). They will get you set up with a therapist at