Campus Support Services

Campus Services is comprised of Client Services, Instructional Technology Training, and Project Management. We provide service, training, and additional support for all technology resources and projects in the district, including client workstations, networked applications, and room installations.
The Campus Services Team strives to provide professional, quality, and timely service to enhance the learning and working environment at Fayetteville Public Schools.
Services and support provided include:

  • Web Help Desk

  • Purchasing

  • Inventory Control

  • AV Resources & Installations

  • Network Printer Management

  • Student Applications

  • Staff & Student Computers

  • Staff & Student Accounts

  • Peripherals & Systems

  • Cellular and VoIP Phones

  • Hardware & Software Training


Support Services Manager:
     Preston Griffith
Student Applications Coordinator:
     Lynn Stewart
Client Services Manager:
     Jamie Wilson
Field Technician:
     Susan Glenn
Field Technician:
     Bobby Henry