Fayetteville Public Library ICard

Video on how to use I-Card Go to Fayetteville Public Library Research Webpage

Fayetteville Public Schools is excited to once again partner with the Fayetteville Public Library (FPL) to provide your child with the FPL i-Card, an “Internet Only” library card. Students can access the library’s online resources via the FPL website www.faylib.org. The FPL i-Card gives students access to ALL library eResources.

Free FPL eResources include:

  • Online tutoring

  • Homework help

  • Language instruction

  • Access to research databases

  • Access to free downloadable eBooks, magazines, and music*

The FPL i-Card has been distributed to all FPS students, unless a parent or guardian has opted out, and will be valid through the fall of 2017. The FPL i-Card is not a borrowing card for items at the Fayetteville Public Library. A parent or guardian must accompany a child to the library to apply for a traditional library card to check out books, DVDs, and music from the library.

*Please note: All downloadable material, available to any library patron, is available to all students – please monitor your child if you have concerns regarding content.

The FPS Board Policy #5.29, the Student Digital Resources Use Policy, will be in effect when students utilize the FPL resources on campus.

In the case of a lost iCard, the student, parent or guardian may retrieve the student’s iCard information via the Fayetteville Public Library website’s iCard Portal.